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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Project Puppet's products or services. If you don't find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us!

The Patterns

Ordering, Shipping, and Technical Requirements


Custom Puppet Building

What can I expect from a Project Puppet pattern?

Each Project Puppet pattern comes with a full-sized pattern sheet (for head, body, arms and hands) and instructions that take you step-by-step through the construction process using drawings, diagrams, and photos. The instructions are designed to provide a solid foundation on which to build your own original puppet characters. The instructions are easy to follow even for beginners.

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Do I need any special skills to use a Project Puppet pattern?

You certainly don't have to be a professional to get excellent results with any of our patterns. Our motto at Project Puppet is - Professional Puppets Made Easy. No special ability is necessary. Basic sewing skills, using a hot glue gun, cutting with an X-Acto™ knife, and using your imagination are all the skills you need to get started.

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Do I need any special tools or expensive materials?

A sewing machine is as complicated as it gets (and you could even get by without one). The tools necessary to complete a puppet using our patterns are usually readily available at your local craft or hardware store and are fairly inexpensive. If any required materials are not readily available to most of our customers, we will do our best to make it available through Project Puppet or provide information regarding a source for the product.

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Do Project Puppet patterns require the use of any hazardous materials?

We try to keep our techniques as non-toxic, environmentally safe, and brain cell friendly as possible. Project Puppet urges you to take all safety precautions when using its patterns, instructions, materials and products, and to follow all manufacturers' directions and guidelines as to the use of their products.

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What can I expect from a Simple Series pattern?

As with all of our patterns, Simple Series patterns come with a full-sized pattern sheet (for head, body, arms and hands) and instructions that take you step-by-step through the construction process using drawings, diagrams, and photos. Our Simple Series patterns are simple and would make a great afternoon project. What's more is that you can download and print the instructions and the pattern immediately after purchase! No waiting for your order to come in the mail, and no shipping fees!

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What is the difference between the Simple Series and the Forma Series patterns?

Let's consider the similarities and the differences of the two Project Puppet pattern series.

The Similarities
The only similarity between the two series is some of the basic head shapes. Both series include patterns for puppets with a basic round head shape and a pointed or conical head shape. You'll also want to note that the Melonhead Puppet Pattern and the Ovale Puppet Pattern do not have the same head shape. The Melonhead has a football-shaped head (think Ernie from Sesame Street); whereas the Ovale head is an elongated oval (think Audrey II).

The Differences
The two series differ significantly in the building method, or the approach to building a hand puppet. Here are a few differences to consider:

  • The Forma Series relies on the foam to give the puppet its shape whereas the Simple Series relies on the fabric to create the shape of the puppet. The Forma Series is closer to the building process used for most television-quality foam hand puppets.
  • The Forma Series will allow you to build puppets where the exposed foam can serve as the "skin" of the puppet. With one of the Forma fleece covering patterns, you can change the look by covering the foam with fleece for a more "Muppety" finish. The Simple Series pattern will always have a fabric or fur "skin".
  • The Simple Series patterns can go together in a matter of hours. The Forma Series will take at least 2-3 days.
  • The size is a little different as well, Forma puppets being a bit larger than the smaller Simple Series puppets.

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Do the patterns come with legs and feet patterns?

The Mostro Puppet Pattern comes with legs and feet patterns. The Simple Series Legs and Feet Pattern (add-on) is available as a way to add legs and feet to your Simple Series based puppets. All other Project Puppet patterns come with patterns for head, body, arms and hands only.

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Can the Simple Series Legs and Feet Pattern be used to add legs to a Forma Series based puppet?

Yes! We recommend sizing the Simple Series Legs and Feet Pattern up a bit and perhaps lengthening the leg portion of the pattern for a more proportional fit.

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What is an Add-On Pattern?

An add-on pattern is just that - a pattern that "adds" to the base pattern. They cannot be used alone - as they are not patterns for a puppet in its entirety.

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How can I use my finished puppet?

Our pattern and instructions are protected by copyright laws, which means they cannot legally be copied and distributed without written permission from Project Puppet. These laws apply to the actual pattern sheet and instructions (together and separately), as well as our characters represented on the website. Your finished puppet characters, however, are yours! You may sell your Project Puppet-based characters, use them in your own puppet performances, for television or film, or in other ways. You may not, according to our Terms and Conditions, purchase the Project Puppet patterns for use in "mass production of puppets, whether for free distribution or commercial gain." 

We would love to hear your success stories and be able to share those stories with future Project Puppet customers.

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How big are the puppets?

The Simple Series puppets are about 12-15 inches from top of head to base of body.
The Forma Series puppets are about 15-18 inches from top of head to base of body.
(That's not including any additional leg patterns.)
Mostro puppets are about 25 inches from head to foot.
Borsa puppets are about 24 inches from head to base of body. 

Any of the patterns can be enlarged or reduced to suit your needs using a photocopy machine.

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What methods of payment does Project Puppet accept?

We accept major credit cards, as well as personal checks or money orders. Orders paid by check will be held until payment is received and check has cleared. After checkout from the site, please mail your payment to the address below.

Project Puppet LLC
P.O. Box 210074
Dallas, TX 75211-0074

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What is included in my shipment?

Unless you have purchased one of our downloadable Simple Series patterns, you will receive the following in the mail:

  • A CD with instructions
  • A large printed pattern sheet

Any other supplies included with your pattern purchase will be detailed on the product page for each pattern.

If you order more than one pattern at a time, instructions for each pattern will all be on ONE CD.
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Where is my order?  Where is my Simple Series Pattern?

All orders ship with a tracking number which you will receive in an email when your order ships.  If you ordered a Simple Series Pattern - these are not shipped - they are completely downloadable and available to you immediately after purchase.

If you have created an account with us, and placed your order under that account, please login to your account and download your pattern.  If you checked out as a guest, please look for an email from us directing you to download your pattern.  (Please also check your spam/junk folder for that email.)  The link provided in that email is good for one time only, so please be prepared to save your pattern upon your first download. 

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Can I download my Simple Series pattern more than once? What if I lose my pattern file?

The link to download your patterns is good for one time only. Upon download, please save your pattern(s) to your computer. If you lose your pattern file at any time in the future, never fear! Once you've purchased a Project Puppet pattern it's yours for life, come rain, snow, or computer crashes. Just contact us and we'll be glad to help!  (For fastest service, please provide your order number and/or your order date, even if the date is approximate.) 

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What are the recommended system requirements for use of the CD included with the patterns?

  • PC Recommended Requirements

    • Windows 2000, XP, or above
    • CD-ROM Drive

    Mac Recommended Requirements

    • Mac OS X and G4 or better
    • CD-ROM Drive

    If you are having trouble with a Project Puppet CD and need some help, contact us! We'll be glad to help!.

    Remember, Project Puppet's Simple Series Patterns are completely downloadable and do not include a CD.

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    International Customers: How long will it take to receive my order?

    Typically shipping time is 6-10 business days after order processing.  Occasionally packages can take longer depending on weather conditions and other factors.  You will receive a tracking number and tracking instructions via email when your order ships.

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    Where can I purchase bulk quantities of reticulated foam?

    Our foam supplier's contact information:

    Corporate Address:
    Rogers Foam Corporation
    20 Vernon Street
    Somerville, MA 02145

    To order call:

    You will need to order reticulated foam or Scott foam in a 1/2-inch thickness at 35ppi (pores per inch) in the neutral color. The foam comes in 48" X 72" sheets and the pricing varies.

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    Where can I purchase Antron fleece?

    You can purchase Antron fleece by the yard from Georgia Stage. We recommend buying 12 oz white Antron fleece and dyeing it yourself. For help with dyeing, click here.  

    The folks at Georgia Stage are very friendly and love to hear from puppet builders. Tell them Project Puppet sent you!

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    Does Project Puppet do custom work?

    Yes we do! Contact us and tell us about your project.

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