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Hi. My name is Pasha Romanowski and I am the founder and owner of Project Puppet. Project Puppet developed, in part, out of the frustration I personally experienced when I first started building puppets. Information on puppet building concepts and techniques (especially for foam and fleece hand puppets) was scarce, if not impossible to find. As a result, and after many years of puppet-building experience, Project Puppet was born.

The Purpose of Our Puppet Patterns

The purpose of a Project Puppet pattern is to provide a starting point for imaginative people who are excited about creating original puppet characters. The patterns are specific and yet easily adaptable. They are designed to allow room for your own creativity, without leaving you in the dark on the basics.

Here are a few details about the patterns that make them the perfect place to start:

  • Each Project Puppet pattern comes with full-size pattern pieces. No transferring or scaling is required.
  • The instructions, included with the puppet patterns, take you through the building process step-by-step with drawings, diagrams, and photos to use as visual aids.
  • You may use the Project Puppet patterns along with our free tutorials to learn basic puppet building techniques that extend beyond the use of the patterns. You will learn basic skills that can be used in any puppet building endeavor.
  • The Project Puppet patterns offer the freedom to create your own characters. You are not limited to building someone else's character and by all the legal restrictions that may follow behind. Your characters are your characters and you may use them in any way you wish.

Puppet Supplies and Materials

The great thing about most puppet building supplies is that you can find them just about anywhere. The Project Puppet patterns are designed to use materials that you most likely will be able to find in your local fabric shop, craft supply, or hardware store. However, there are some items that puppet builders often use that are not readily available. We will do our best to make these types of materials available on the Project Puppet website or to pass on our suppliers' contact information to you.

Becoming a Puppet Builder

The Project Puppet patterns are not a be-all and end-all solution to building puppets, but they do provide a basic foundation on which to learn and grow. Experimenting is the best way you can develop your own personal style, skill sets and building techniques. Project Puppet is just the best place to start.

"I just wanted to thank you all personally for creating such a fantastic site filled with puppet making resources… You really are aiding hobbyists and laymen alike advance their craft to truly professional levels!" - Kevin C.

"I would like to thank you. Your patterns and tutorials have really helped me improve in puppet building." – Jake B.

"While sometimes patterns just end up as poor replications, I truly feel that your patterns spur great creativity and have made puppet building accessible to a whole new audience that would normally be overwhelmed. Thanks for the quality work and I can't wait to see what you come out with in the future." – Spencer L.

Quite a few success stories have come in over the past few years from creative people who started their journey into puppet building or rekindled their love of puppets with a Project Puppet pattern. Our hope is that the Project Puppet patterns and tutorials will do the same for you!

News & Announcements

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Need a Custom Puppet?

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