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  • Step 1 - Plan Your Character - Create your character first. You can sketch ideas on paper, or if drawing is not your thing, get a good picture of the character you want to create in your mind. Browse the Project Puppet Gallery for inspiration!
  • Step 2 - Choose Your Pattern - Find the pattern that best matches the shape and style of your character. If you need help choosing, we are here to answer questions and recommend patterns, or other options, specific to your character.
  • Step 3 - Bring Your Character to Life - Build your unique character using the Project Puppet pattern as a base. Remember to browse the Puppet Tutorials section for ideas on adding facial features and improving your skills as a puppet builder.
  • Step 4 - Share Your Success - Share your unique character with the world via the web, TV, live shows, or in any way you wish! Submit your character to the Project Puppet Gallery. We’d love to hear YOUR puppet success story!

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