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Reticulated Foam

Reticulated Foam
A 16X36 sheet of one-half inch reticulated foam used in puppet building for it's seam-hiding properties and longevity.
Reticulated Foam
Price: $33.50

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Compare foamReticulated foam is a great material for carving or patterning flexible heads, hands, arms, etc. The picture to the right shows the difference between this foam and upholstery foam, the reticulated foam being on the top. Notice it is more porous than the upholstery foam, which makes it more flexible and lighter in weight. It's porosity also gives it a rougher texture, making it more forgiving, which is useful when you are trying to hide seams or carve rounded features.

We are happy to be able to make this material available to you in small quantities at Project Puppet. We offer 16" X 36" sheets of reticulated foam at a 1/2-inch thickness. The foam comes in a neutral color, ready to be dyed to the color of your choice. Reticulated foam is strong and resilient, and will last for years (unlike upholstery foam) with proper handling and storage.

If you have worked with the foam and would like to purchase it in bulk, we are happy to share our foam supplier's information. Otherwise order a sheet and give it a try!

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