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The Ovale Puppet Pattern

The Ovale Puppet Pattern
The Ovale Pattern will guide you from character sketch to finished hand puppet, focusing on an elongated, oval head shape as the fundamental basis for the puppet character.
The Ovale Puppet Pattern
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ovale head shapeThe Ovale pattern is the third puppet pattern in our Forma series. It also focuses on the puppet's head shape as the fundamental basis of the character. This time we will concentrate on an elongated, oval shaped head. The Ovale Pattern seems to work extremely well as a base for a wide range of animal characters.

Please note that the Ovale Pattern will guide you through the steps for building a complete puppet where the foam serves as the "skin" of the puppet. The following lists outline the topics and techniques that are covered in the Ovale pattern, as well as what is included in the kit.

What will you learn?

  • Basic foam hand puppet construction techniques. The Ovale Pattern will show you how to build a complete foam-based hand puppet including head, body, arms and hands.
  • A neck-construction technique that will enable a more life-like manipulation of your finished puppet.
  • To work with reticulated foam ("Scott Foam"), a must-have material used by professional puppet builders.
  • To try your hand at the professional art of "carving" foam.

What is included?

  • A CD from which you may view and print detailed instructions with photos and drawings that take you from character creation to finished puppet. Check out the system requirements for the CD. (Please note: Printed instructions are available for those without access to a PC.)
  • A full-sized printed pattern sheet that doesn't leave you guessing. You'll also enjoy the simplicity of our one-piece patterns.

What are the possibilities?

The possibilities are endless. With a little creativity you can see thousands of characters are waiting to be brought to life!

Here are a few examples that demonstrate the versatility of The Ovale Puppet Pattern. Check out the Project Puppet Gallery for more!

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